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Welcome to our website, Sandra Maria Martins Lico Heleno, Mentor and personal image consultant, with taxpayer number 182906035 and contact and telephone number +351 962288908.

The office is located at Rua dom Pedro de Cristo nº8 1700-136 LisbonIt is not open to the public, it only works for the website's back office.

All data collected with our forms is only intended for use on the website to send newsletters or blogposts from our blog and the member community.

The products included in our blogposts are from companies with which we are affiliated and where payment is made on their own website. Among them Amazon, Awin, Hotmart, among others.

The digital products created by us are the property of Sandra Lico Heleno and can only be reproduced with prior authorization or purchase of copyright when granted.

The data entered will never be transmitted to third parties under any circumstances.


Sandra Lico Heleno 


WHO is the group mentor?

Sandra Lico Heleno | Personal stylist

Image and personal brand consultant.

Transformation mentor for women.

​Mother, Woman, Wife

Publisher of RED LIPstick.

I've been working with fashion and image for 25 years, I'm passionate about people and the female universe is still a whole that I want to explore!

I want to inspire women to be confident and powerful through fashion and beauty.


My goal is to help every reader, every woman, every member of our group find their personal style and express it to the world.

Our team is made up of experts in image, personal branding, fashion, beauty and well-being, who bring you daily updated content, teachings, tips and trends.

Join the REDlovers!Together we are stronger!

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